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If you have any questions or complaints or criticisms for me, please feel free to leave a message here! Anon is on.
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- Cross Fusion can be initiated at any point by the mutual agreement of both parties provided they both have enough energy to sustain it. If one party consciously or subconsciously wholly rejects the fusion at any point, it's immediately canceled out and both targets experience a minor mental whiplash that manifests in the form of mild to severe headaches and body pain depending on the strength of the rejection.

- As long as both Magicman and the target are synchronised to some degree (by personality compatibility, having a single-minded goal they both share, or a combination of both) Cross Fusion can be initiated and will remain until both parties are exhausted and can no longer synchronise properly, or until both mutually agree to end the transformation.

- If both parties are already exhausted, Cross Fusion will last only a very short while (around two or three minutes at the very most, if they both push themselves to their limits, and after that they will be both mentally and physically drained).

- Cross Fusion allows for the netnavi and the target to be mentally linked as long as they're properly synchronised. If the synchro rating begins to drop (through mental disagreement, etc) the mental link will begin to break up and will eventually cut out altogether just before the fusion breaks apart.

- Similarly, if the synchro rating begins to drop, the user's movements will be limited as both parties clash with each other for control.

- this version of Cross Fusion allows the user to use battlechips in the physical world without the need for a dimensional area by drawing on the netnavi's energy and the battery of the Link PET. Since battlechips put extra strain on a netnavi's processes and by extension the other party's energy, each battlechip can only be used once per fusion period.

- Cross Fusion allows mutual control over one body, its senses, and the data armour that comes with it, though it's possible for Magicman to override some instinctive movements with his own if the other party isn't as combat experienced by substituting his own data, if he feels they're in danger. In the same way, the user can compensate for areas in which Magicman lacks experience or attachment to with a temporary subconscious override.

- Magicman's data armour carries the properties of adaptability and high defense, and will augment the user's senses and reflexes with his own honed ones. As it doesn't actually change the user's body physically, it can coexist with other forms of power that the user holds, though powers that disrupt technology will have odd effects.

-Magicman's navi emblem in cross fusion appears on the user's back. Striking this emblem directly damages Magicman fairly heavily, as well as causing physical injury to the user, and will almost immediately dispel Cross Fusion.

- The Link PET's capabilities allow flight while in Cross Fusion mode.


Apr. 21st, 2015 01:10 pm
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Bug report: occasional shutdown without prior permission. Persistent bug. No apparent fix. Annoying.

Appearance modification: All of my clothes now smell like smoke. Buying new ones to wear while first set is being cleaned.

Bug report: Unable to control memory access. Memories will come up when viewing familiar stimuli.

Bug report: Having strong emotions has physical effects on body and I don't like it.



Appearance modification: Hairstyle adapted.

Appearance modification: Coat needs fixing. Learn to use sewing machine without almost sewing over hand.

Bug report: Sudden feelings of loneliness for no apparent reason when not busy. Temporary patch: Become busier to compensate.

Progress report: Finally getting used to sound of own voice.


Notification: Hair is starting to become unmanageable. Haircut required.

IC Contact

Feb. 6th, 2015 09:26 am
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"....This is Magicman. Please state what it is you want from me. I will answer as soon as I can."
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Magicman has the ability to seriously glitch any electronic device by filling it full of viruses. This, naturally, poses a problem for people who are carrying anything sensitive or valuable. And people who are, you know, robots.

1. Do you have anything electronic that's very important to you? (He won't be affecting communicators by default).

2. Would you like to keep it shiny and virus free and not bricked to high heaven by a virus flood at any point?

3. If your character is something that can be affected by viruses adversely, such as a robot, do you want to remain unaffected by virus spam?
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NAME: Ruka
AGE: 18+
JOURNAL: [personal profile] blitzbrained
IM / EMAIL: RukaCactus on AIM
PLURK: rukafais
RETURNING: for this game, no

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